How to install aluminum fascia

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hi this video is brought to you by trim

bender calm and in this video we're

going to explain how to install fascia

on a hip and a gable roof this side here

is basically the hip rough that's just

showing the fascia meeting up straight

at a ninety degree angle and the

opposite side here is the gable or it's

coming down at roughly a 30-degree angle

meeting up with the front fascia the

first thing we're going to start off

with is put in a piece of flashing

across the front this is a 2x3 flashing

we offer it up to a three by three so if

you're installing gutters you know you

got some extra room with three inches

hanging down so first thing you want to

do is cut it to length just make it even

on one side and mark it on the other

side and you can just cut this section


now I just check to make sure that the

length is correct now I'm going to put a

couple nails in it if you have shingles

already on the house too you slide it up

underneath the shingles and it basically

is going to hold it in place and if you

can also just you know take a couple

nails every few feet

okay now that the flashing is installed

we're going to go ahead and start on the

gable side we're going to do both sides

first and then put the front piece on so

we can cover the corners now the gable

piece is a little trickier what you want

to do is line it up so that the bottom

edge the bottom lip comes up flush with

the front then we're going to notchback

about three-quarters of an inch on the

inside and just put a notch and then you

can bend a little flap up met basically

when you put the piece back up it's

going to be flat against the front


now in this piece what you want to do is

notch off the little corner

by notching it out it's going to allow

you to bend a little tab up to cover the

little gap on the side it's kind of

tricky you might want to try practice

and with the piece first see it's got

that little tab that I bend up and then

bend the piece back up that a first Bend

so it kind of looks like so now I'm

going to put the piece in there and I'm

going to fold over that angle part once

you get a rough kind of Bend on and take

it off and then kind of give them the

best ninety degrees as you can it

doesn't have to be perfect because the

front fascia is actually going to cover

this whole section so

and now remember when also doing gable

fascia you want to start from the bottom

and work your way up so that each piece

overlaps and when water runs it runs

over the next piece on its way down and

you probably want to nail it every 36

inches now that that's done we're going

to move on over to the hip rough area

this is basically just two pieces of

fascia meeting up at a corner sorry for

the bad lighting but you can kind of see

what you basically do is just take an

inch and notch it off at the bottom

section completely

basically so your piece is going to look

like that then put it back up there and

line up the bottom edge with edge of the

fascia so you can bend that tab over

like that like again get the best ninety

degree that you can it should look like

so and slide the piece underneath the


and we're just going to put one nail and

don't nail the corners yet because

actually when the front pieces go on

that's when you're going to nail the

corners okay that's the side piece on

now we're going to go ahead and do the

front piece of the fascia basically what

you can do is slide it up on it you

don't actually have to go under the

flashing to get a measurement but you

slide it tight on one edge like so go

over to the other edge and Mark right on

the edge then you can look underneath

too and also see where it's going to end

and take the piece back off and now

we're going to completely cut off that

end you can mark it with a straight edge

if you want I'm pretty used to cutting

it so I can cut a pretty straight line

now slide the piece back up underneath

the flashing make sure each line is

lined up equal and should pretty much

look like that

now I'm going to nail the corners this

is pretty much going to secure both

pieces together and should give it a

pretty clean look

you can just you can tap the edges down

a little bit make it a little smoother

looking then I'll go ahead and put one

in the middle here like I said you

probably wanna go every 36 inches if you

start going closer you'll get a ripple

effect and not never over nail it either

just snug it up then I'll put one more

nail in the corner

there you have it that's how to install

fascia on a hip and gable roof tucked

underneath flashing thanks for viewing a

video and if you have any other

questions or need any more trim visit us

at trim bender comm thanks