SUPERVISOR Interview Questions & Answers! How To PASS A Supervisor Interview!

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hello there my name is Richard McMunn

from the interview training company past

my interview comm and in this video

tutorial I'm gonna teach you how to pass

a supervisor interview and in particular

I'm gonna cover the type of questions

that you're likely to get asked and more

importantly give you strong suggested

answers so if you do have a supervisor

interview coming up I believe this

interview tutorial is really going to

help you so before I give you the tips

and the interview questions and answers'

a very warm welcome to this tutorial my

name is Richard McMunn that's me there

on the right hand side I have been a

supervisor and manager and a leader

myself for many many years in difficult

roles and in this tutorial I'm going to

cover specific interview questions and

answers in relation to the answers they

are unique so you can't find them

anywhere else and as I say I believe

strongly they are really going to help

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alike thank you very much okay so the

key skills and qualities you need to

demonstrate during your supervisor

interview are as follows you have to

demonstrate an ability to be able to

manage to lead and also inspire your

team you have to complete all tasks

diligently and professionally and you

also have to work to set standards and

time constraints and there's a reason

why I'm going through these with you now

is because they will form the basis of

the answers that I'm gonna give you to

the interview questions for your

supervisor interview other things you

need to demonstrate you have to be able

to delegate tasks according to your

team's strengths that's really important

also conduct staff appraisals based on

their performance you have to supervise

direct and support your team you have to

embrace change positively so if you get

asked a question describe a time when

you've embraced change within an

organization you would have to answer it

positively and show that you are someone

who can embrace change and also be

willing to continually learn and develop

as a supervisor so those are the key

skills and qualities we need to utilize

within our answers to the interview

questions so let's now get on to the

supervisor interview questions and those

solid answers to help you pass here we


question number one of your supervisor

interview why do you want to become a

supervisor and why do you think you can

excel in this role so here's my

suggestion answer for you over the years

I've been developing myself both

personally and professionally

so that I am suitably equipped to become

a competent and professional supervisor

I want to become a supervisor because I

want to be the person who has a

responsibility for a team of people and

for also achieving the goals and

objectives of my employer I believe I

will excel in the role of supervisor

because of three main reasons firstly I

am always professional and I set myself

and other people high standards secondly

I am able to motivate inspire and

support a team was completing their

tasks and thirdly I'm someone who can

take on lots of work and achieve the

required tasks whilst working under

pressure and if you hire me as your

supervisor within this role I will not

let you down and I feel confident you'll

be impressed with my work ethics and my

high standards so that's a solid answer

to that question it gets you off on the

right foot for your supervisor interview

now obviously it's quite a lot of

content here if you stick around I will

tell you where you can download these

supervisor interview questions and

answers let's move on to the second

question why do you want to work for our

company as a supervisor as opposed to

our competitors so why do you want to

work for our company as a supervisor and

here's my suggested answer for you for

the simple reason you are a leader

within the industry you support your

managers and staff and you also have

ambitious plans for the future I want to

be your supervisor for many years to

come and the only way I'll be able to

see through my ambitions is to work hard

and deliver for a company that has

exciting plans for the future which you

clearly do I've spent a lot of time

developing my skills over the years and

I want to be with a company who will

help me further develop and progress

having researched your organization your

history and the standards you set

yourself you are the only company I want

to be a supervisor for so again that's

another solid answer that demonstrates

you've really thought about why

want to work for their particular

company and that answer can be used for

any role or any organization if you're

applying to become a supervisor next

interview question if you are successful

and you become our supervisor what will

you do in the first few weeks of

starting the role here's my suggested

answer so if you're successful and you

become a supervisor what will you do in

the role in the first few weeks of

starting here we go I would start off by

obtaining a clear brief from my senior

manager including the exact objectives

and the timescales I need to work to

what I would then spend time getting to

know my team and also analyzing their

performance so I can take note of their

strengths and their weaknesses then

after approximately four weeks in the

role I would sit down with my team and

give them a clear brief of what I expect

and also the improvements I require

making moving forward I would then

inspire motivate and support my team to

achieve the objectives of the initial

brief I received from my senior manager

and that demonstrates you know exactly

what you're going to do when you start

your role as a supervisor and it's

important to spend time getting to know

your team because they may already be

high performers so you don't want to go

in there and make rash decisions and

change things without first assessing

the performance of the team that's

really important okay now I'm gonna give

you some more questions so please do

stick around but if you want to download

these interview questions and answers

for your supervisor interview there is a

link right there in the top right hand

corner of this video and if you click

that it will take you through to my

website where you can get a copy of all

of the interview questions and answers

okay next question of your supervisor

interview there's all supervisor what

would you do with an underperforming

member of staff so as a supervisor you

will at times get members of your team

who are not performing to the required

standard and they'll be down to you to

sort it out resolving so here's my great

answer to the question as our supervisor

what would you do with an

underperforming member of staff here we

go first and foremost I would tackle the

problem straightaway the last thing I

would want to happen is for other team

members to see another member of the

team getting away with underperformance

to resolve the issue I would speak to

the member of

in private to ascertain exactly why they

were underperforming then once I had

established the reasons for the

underperformance I would put a plan of

action in place to get them back up to

speed as soon as possible

I would then monitor their performance

regularly and provide the necessary

ongoing support along the way so that

demonstrates you've got a clear plan of

action for dealing with people who

underperform it's a great answer next

question of your supervisor interview as

our supervisor what steps would you take

to motivate your team since again the

most out of any team you have to

motivate them and inspire them so here's

my suggested answer to this question I

believe a highly motivated and

productive team comes from setting high

standards providing appropriate levels

of support and also encouraging the team

to work towards the goals and objectives

of the company if a team feels they are

achieving the highest standards of work

possible they will feel proud within

their roles if a team feels supported

and encouraged they will work hard for

their employer finally if you praise

your team when they do good things

this will only serve to encourage more

of the same levels of achievement so

that's a great answer to that question

now as I mentioned if you want to

download the supervisor interview

questions and answers all of them click

the link below the video right now or go

to my website pass my interview calm and

you can find out more about how to

download those interviews I hope you've

been doing that tutorial I love creating

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than happy to answer them for you thank

you for watching and I wish you all the

very best in your pursuit to becoming a

supervisor thank you