How To Crush Any Interview

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one of the moments in your life where

you are absolutely going to want your

confidence and your charisma to be on

point is when you are sitting in an

interview chair because when you've

arrived there they've decided that you

have what it takes to get this job but

you still have to show the person across

from you that you're someone that they

like that they could work with and that

you can communicate the skills that make

you a good fit which is why in this

video I want to show you exactly how to

prep for and crush any interview and

that includes answering specific

questions like tell me about yourself

what's your greatest weakness and tell

me about a time when fill in the blank

so we're going to jump right into it I

got a lot to say the first piece is on

mindsets the number one thing that

screws people up when they get in

interviews besides having not prepped

and you're here so congratulations for

that is that they just get tongue-tied

their confidence is gone because they're

putting so much pressure on the

situation and in order to alleviate this

what I recommend you do and that they do

is to zoom out imagine yourself at 90

years old you're looking back at your

life you see the successes the failures

the happy moments the sad ones and I

promise you as you do that and you scan

for the most pivotal moments in your

life that we're hyper critical you will

not see the interview that you have

coming up there's no chance it's just

not going to crack something that

absolutely changes the inevitable course

of your life there will be setbacks jobs

you don't get jobs you do but this isn't

one of the top 10 most important moments

of your life and things won't end if you

don't get this job now I tell you that

just so you can relax a little bit so

that your confidence can come out when

you're actually sitting in that chair

and you realize I would like this job

it's important to me but the world won't

end if I don't get it

got it cool the second piece is now

we're gonna try to crush it with that

understood we still want to do the best

job that we can and put our best foot

forward so we need to prep to answer

these questions that they're probably

gonna ask in the most interesting

engaging fascinating way that shows them

you're someone that can handle the job

but there's a zillion questions they

could ask so how do you handle all of


what I recommend doing is this this is

gonna be a framework that will enable

you to answer any question start by

going through your professional career

and write down the ten or so most

pivotal interesting moments and if

you're a student this might mean just

going through your teens up and through

college the moments that made you

interested in the industry that you're

going into or some of the times where

you demonstrated leadership once you've

got those next to each thing write a

couple of adjectives that might be

relevant to the position that you're in

so what is this show about you so if you

are that student and you had a lemonade

stand for instance when you were little

and you're going for a sales position

you might write the shows that you are

eager to sell comfortable with selling

always had this sort of entrepreneurial

spirit but there might be some things

that went wrong in each of these as well

which means include some of the

adjectives that if you wanted to tell

the story this way would highlight

perhaps negative aspects of your

character so maybe you were disorganized

and handling the money and you hired a

bunch of friends you didn't know who had

earned what and they all revolted in the

business shut down right so that's the

time where you could highlight I am

disorganized if you choose to when

you're done with this what you will have

is a series of ten or so things that

have adjectives next to them what I want

you to do now is go through and pick the

three to five most interesting ones

particularly the ones that have

adjectives that are going to show that

you are a good fit for this job and that

have negative adjectives that show that

you are self-aware but that you're

working on those aspects so if you're

disorganized that you've found ways to

compensate for that once you've got

those three to five things these are

going to be what you are driving towards

in the interview and we're going to turn

these into stories now I want to pause

for a second we're in an interview a lot

of people presume that what the most

important thing you can do is is just

tell them why you're qualified

that's your resume they already have

that they're looking to connect with you

right I just talked to someone who was a

partner at Deloitte who has done tons of

interviewing and he said by the time

they get to me I'm just looking to see

if I like him and if I can work with

them because I know that they have the

chops so this is why stories become so

important if you can tell these in an

engaging way that's going to make them

like you

so write down for these three to five

things the setting the problem the

solution and then the result so I'm

gonna give you we're gonna go to that

lemonade stand one but you can use this

for any project or whatever it is that

you were on in fact I'm gonna actually

take a real one that I use for my first

job which is I started the ballroom

dance club at my college I'll tell you

why later right so the setting is that I

went abroad and I was interested in

salsa dancing and wanted to come back

and do more salsa dancing in the United

States the problem was that I went out

to find this club and there was no salsa

dancing club I want to start the club

and I couldn't get the funds together or

the amount of people interested in order

to do it right so we got a little bit of

drama here the solution is that while I

was researching this and sitting in on

meetings or how to start clubs I heard

that there was another student that was

interested in ballroom dancing that had

more students interested in it and that

had a little bit more funding so I was

able to partner up with him we worked

together to find an instructor that

would give us a discounted rate in

exchange for being able to advertise

when he came to our meetings and we set

up these lessons once a week and the

result was that we had I don't know 30

to 50 students come out for ballroom

dancing where they learned all these

different things this instructor did

very well and it was a fun time right

that's it you're doing this for every

single story what this enables you to do

is to for the question here we are tell

me about yourself these are gonna be

like skipping rocks right if you've got

a group of interesting things you can

start talking about yourself and you can

just touch momentarily on interesting

things about yourself right if they want

to go deeper the good news is that you

can dive in any one of these in a story

mode that's got a little bit of drama

and that is going to show because we

prep this these interesting things about

yourself so my ballroom dancing story

might show that I can solve problems if

my so that I know how to work with other

people and lead them and that I can

think outside the box

now that we've got this we can answer

just about any question you want to talk

about your weaknesses boom go to a story

that's got a weakness talk about it but

the result is gonna be something where

you find a way to work around it same

thing with strength same thing with a

time that you might have struggled to

get something done you

got a story prepped for that this kind

of background is going to prep you to

get to the interview so do this and now

we're going to talk about interview day

on interview day put everything that I

just talked about away write an hour

before the interview I don't want you

thinking or doing any of this

I want you getting into a good mood the

worst thing that you can do is still be

preparing your DCF analysis as you're

walking into your investment baking

interview thinking about what am I gonna

do and ignoring the receptionist

ignoring the secretary ignoring the

other people who are there in the

waiting room what you don't realize is

that in an interview context it starts

as soon as you enter the building I've

seen this multiple times where the

interviewer comes out all the

interviewees are gone and they walk up

to the secretary and say what do you

think and they'll tell them all that guy

was weird this guy was cool I really

like this girl whatever it is you need

to make sure that you are being

personable in that moment now we have an

entire channel on this but if you're

interested in the best material that I

have we have a course on first

impressions and I'm gonna put that in

the description below it's how to make

an amazing first impression on anyone

I've talked about it previously but

quite frankly I think it's perfect for

an interview scenario not to mention the

rest of your life so I'm not gonna harp

too much on this just know the interview

starts immediately when you do get

called into the interview room and you

shake hands you look the person in the

eye get a big smile you sit down what I

want you to do is to open up your body

language so you're not gonna sit like

this you're gonna sit like this and you

might even turn your wrists out a little

bit take a deep breath slow things down

and then when they ask you questions

drive them towards the stories that you

have prepared that highlight these

things about yourself because that's

going to communicate the organic

interesting things about you without

saying I'm a really hardworking person

who knows how to get the job done is a

creative problem solver that tells me

nothing but when you tell me the story

about the time that you had this project

and somebody got in the way you were

able to work with them in order to

create a more interesting solution

I know those things implicitly and I

believe them more importantly so that's

why you want this process to be kind of

a storytelling mode and I and I

recommend one of the things just this is

a little thing at the end of tell me

about yourself I always threw in

something that I thought was personally

interesting to me that they might like

so it was a guy I might talk about an

interest in MMA if it was a woman who I

got the sense might it be into dancing

I'll mention the ballroom dancing club I

would throw in one little personal thing

that would give us a chance to connect

outside of the purely professional

sometimes they didn't pick up on it I

was wrong but sometimes that drove the

course of the interview and it's like

what they referred back to throughout

the rest of the interview so that can be

helpful interview goes you answer your

questions you do your technicals you get

to the end they say do you have any

questions there's a ton of fantastic

questions you can ask but I recently did

a video on five phrases or six phrases

that are incredibly persuasive and by

far the one that people liked the most

was this for the interview scenario my

dad actually used it when he was out

searching for a new job and he got this

job so the question is this you say all

right so let's assume that things went

really well today and I do wind up

getting this position a year from now

what will I have to have done so that

you look back and go that was an awesome

decision and this person was a fantastic

analyst and the reason that this

question is so good is because it forces

them to think about a hiring you and be

having that been a brilliant decision

not to mention that you're asking for

the metrics because this is a great

question generally how will I know that

I've done a good job so they have to sit

there and think about you doing a great

job in this position then thinking about

it a year from now and most employers

love this question and it makes them

like you a ton generally speaking any

question that you are genuinely

interested in that gets them associating

you with positive feelings is going to

work fantastically here this is just one

so that is it I highly highly recommend

if you are still wanting more that you

check out our course on making an

amazing first impression I believe it is

truly fantastic for life but quite

frankly in an interview process you've

got like three or four first impressions

that you're making right away that are

critical to your job success so if you

want to see that click the

link in the description below and check

it out today that's it for this video I

hope you liked it hope you guys decide

to subscribe if you want more on

interviews let me know otherwise next

week I think I'm going to be getting

back potentially to in Avengers video a

Deadpool video maybe another one in

Jordan Peterson we will see so let me

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video and I will see you in the next one