How to : Roofing - Where to start laying (three) 3 tab shingles / starter shingle

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hey there friends Bobby here today hey

folks we've got our roof here marked off

chopped off and we're ready to start

laying some shingles this is the area

that a lot of folks might have some

questions though is how do you get

started where usually before do you lay

your first thing left so I'm going to

show you in this little video we're

gonna have a starter row down here

across the bottom all the way down and

up the top on each side so let's start

with just that started single okay now

look at this shingle here and you can

see that I've cut a half a tab off of

here now the reason I cut the half a tab

off the very first starter single let

you lay because we're going to start

with a full shingle on the bottom so

after this one here is nailed in place

then you say how I line it up so we've