How to Move a Shed (The Easy Way) Long Distances-No Rollers or Pipe Required

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hey guys Charlotte's here from

Appalachian DIY and today we're gonna be

showing you how to move an outdoor shed


so this is a shed that we actually

rehabbed it was kind of falling apart a

little bit and we fixed it up if you

want to see that video check it out

right here but today we need to move

this out of my driveway and up to where

it needs to be so I'm gonna show you

guys how to prep your shed to get it

ready to be moved without breaking in

her part the first thing that we're

going to do is make some runners for the

back of the shed these are gonna carry

all of the load we're just going to cut

these to a 45-degree angle on one side

what we're gonna do with these runners

is we're gonna put them and nail them

underneath our floor joist here so we're