How to move a large rock by Yourself, Simple

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I was cleaning up around the are just

raking up along this rock wall here and

I found that this four to five hundred

pound rock fell off the Stonewall

clearly I don't want to just leave this

here I want to put it back up on the

Stonewall I don't have the tractor I

don't have any mechanized equipment so

in today's video let's find out if I can

get this four or five hundred pound rock

back on this Stonewall with using common

tools you'd have around the garage so

let's take a look at the tools I have

and let's see if I can make this work so

the first tool that I'm probably gonna

be using the most is a rock bar or a pry

bar this is actually called a New York

roof hook it's actually a fireman school

I made this one myself so this is gonna

be critical also I have a tool chain I'm

not sure if I'm gonna wrap this around