DETAILED DIY: Wiring a 240v outlet step by step from breaker to outlet

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today's video was brought to you by my

wallet which has an extra 400 bucks in

it because we did not call an

electrician so I mean no disrespect to

qualified professional electricians or

any tradesman for that matter in fact

just the opposite of the utmost respect

and frankly I'm little disgusted we

society treats a piece of paper with

more value than an actual trade skill

that you can you can use but with that

said not willing to finance an

electricians beach house by have them

charge me 500 bucks to put in a 220

outlet so we're gonna do that today I'm

going to show you exactly what you need

to do a simple relatively simple install

such as that the everything I got was

from the big box orange place you can

get the same stuff from the big box blue

place whatever is your whatever tickles