Moving and Copying Files and Directories in Linux

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in this lecture we'll take a look at

copying moving and renaming files so

right now I'm in my home directory and

for this exercise I've created a new

directory called examples so I'm going

to change into that directory and we're

going to start working from there so the

first thing I want to do is create a

file called original txt on it and

you'll notice that that file exists so

let's I want to make a copy of this file

the command to copy a file is CP you

give the original name of the file and

then the name that you would like to

copy it to and in this case it's going

to copy this file in the current

directory because notice I'm giving two

relative paths and both of these assume

that the original file is in this

directory and that the new file I would

like created would be in this directory