Sims 4: How to Move Out a Single Sim

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hey everyone I'm gonna talk about how to

move out a single sim in the sims for

now the easiest way to do this is to

actually go into the manage worlds menu

you're gonna see me do this from the

in-game it's just as simple as hitting

that top right icon that you saw me hit

then from there I'm gonna choose the

household that I want to move the sim

out of and then I'm gonna press the

three dots the ellipses icon in the

bottom right hand corner and choose the

managed household option from there I'm

gonna choose transfer Sims with between

households and from here I'm able to

actually choose whatever sim transfer

them to either a household that already

exists out in the world or to their own

new household if you want to move them

in with other townies it's as simple as

just choosing whatever household from