Zelda Breath of the Wild - Making Money by Mining

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hides out of bands today's video we're

going to talk a little bit about how to

get some rupees in your pocket

one way that I use is mining for the

gems which can then be sold to get you

rubies different ones have different

value as you can see I've got a ton here

in my inventory

amber opal limited stones topaz limited

stones are worth 70 that's pretty good

because you will get a lot of them some

of the other stones are worth a lot more

like the Ruby is worth over 200 diamonds

are worth 500 but I basically hold on to

them and only cash them in when I need

money the only thing I really spend

money on in this game is for arrows and

right now I'm pretty well stocked up but

first things first what you're going to

want to get you if you're heading out to

do some mining is an iron sledgehammer