Getting Started with Parity Ethereum Wallet (Faster Sync than Geth Mist)

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hi there I'm Lea welcome to I'm I'm

blocks in this video I'll be showing you

how to set up your parity aetherium node

and wallet so a lot of people have been

asking about this because of the

etherium wallet so the etherium wallet

by default runs on gif and gif is an

ethereal note but it's very slow a lot

of people have problems synching their

wallet they find that it takes days or

it just never completes so parity is a

different type of node and has a wallet

interface and what that means is that

you can it's much faster few guys and to

sync up so this will really help you

guys out so in this video I'll be

showing you guys how to install it and

also the basic functions of using the

parity wallet and how to get up and

running with that so let's get started

we're gonna start up with the browser so