How To CPU Mine Verium Reserve (VRM). Wallet Setup & Mining Guide

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in this video I'll be showing you how to

set up and get mining with varium so

varium or varium reserve as it's

sometimes called is a secondary chain

that is connected to the very quaint

blockchain so this is quite a cool

concept first come very quaint and that

is designed to be a fast lightweight

blockchain so it's cheap to use and a

quick way of sending transactions

backwards and forwards but soon after

the developers realized that they wanted

to add more value to the to the network

so what they decided to do was to add in

a secondary chain so this chain is a now

is a binary chain so the secondary train

is the varium blockchain and by adding

on this secondary chain what they wanted

to do with the secondary chain was to

add a slower bulkier and more costlier

blockchain so that way the two of kind