How To Mine Verge Coin (XVG) On NVIDIA GPU (SUPER EASY)

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what everybody welcome to we do take now

it's time for another how to mine video

where I just show you guys actually how

to mine certain cryptocurrencies and

today we're gonna show you how to mine

Virg sir virgin is a privacy coin that

has very false transactions as well so

I'm gonna show you guys how to actually

set up your miner for that it's very

simple it's at the moment it's the only

phone them video GPUs I am looking into

getting it to work on AMD and then CPUs

as well it's a bit of struggle but I'm

getting there so once that is done I'm

gonna make a video on that those two as

well but yeah verge is pretty cheap at

the moment it's about 15 cents currently

so it's very easy to get into it's a

good investment to start mining now and

then bulk up till later it's about a

dollar or so and then you can actually