How to Mine off of Uragann & Radobann | Guide - Monster Hunter World

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hello everyone free deer here and in

today's video I want to quickly go over

how to find materials off of vagabond

and your gun while they're both still


we've read the manual gonna consider

unique eater shell monsters that are one

the same but both have different visual

features and resets I made them stand up

very well in wild now I found out that

if you manage top of the two monsters

over you can mine certain materials from

the back so however many times you want

so from where the bag you could farm

with in bone mass and quality bone while

your again you could farm fire source

stone and karbala experience and more

but if these are needed for crafting

high tier armour and weapons sets and if

you will afar both the monsters and

amateur at the same time then this is