How To Get Turtle Eggs In Minecraft

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wondering how to get turtle eggs and

minecraft this video is going to explain

where to find them how to get them and

what you can use them for let's first

talk about where to find turtle eggs and

minecraft turtles are a passive mob that

spawn on sandy beaches each turtle

remembers the beach they were hatched on

as their home Beach no matter how far

away turtles were returned to their home

beach to lay their eggs turtle eggs are

a block that when hatched drops one or

two baby turtles to get Turtles to lay

eggs you have to get two turtles to

enter love mode the item to do this is

sea grass sea grass can be harvested

using shears otherwise it will destroy

the sea grass after two turtles have

bred one of them will return to their

home beach and dig in the sand link one

to four turtle eggs if you want to drop