Tropico 5: Mining, Casinos and Oil! Gameplay + Tips! E11

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hello everybody this is Carson here and

welcome back to another episode here on

our tropical island now I've done a

little bit of work off-camera again

since last time last time we were of

course working on this area up here this

farming area so a couple of changes you

might notice here immediately I've

upgraded all of our farms they're now

all factory farms and they are all fully

upgraded and this is the problem we're

going to get right here and that was

good time actually so this building is

not producing what's this airport or not

- okay let's cool back - yeah it's not

producing so the the problem with that

is that basically what they need is more

of this stuff more corn so I put corn

plantation in there I might need to put

in some more of them so let's have a

look we can put another one in just