How to MINE the Dragon Egg with a PICKAXE in Minecraft!

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the dragon egg one of the rarest items

in Minecraft but you cannot touch it

anytime you try to touch it at teleports

away so how is it possible that you can

mine it let's jump in so here we are

inside a Minecraft and we are of course

in the end where we have defeated the

dragon and we have a glorious a

wonderful a delicious actually I haven't

tasted it because you can't actually

cook a dragon egg into any that's like

that it's not an egg that you could eat

it's just a trophy this is the dragon

egg this is what you get after you have

defeated the dragon any world only has

one of them so they are very very very

rare let's switch ourselves into

creative out of creative into survival

mode and if you ever try to punch this

or really break it with like here's a

diamond pick here I'm gonna go ahead and