How To Get Prismarine Crystals/Shards In Minecraft

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what is going on guys this is the game

Republic here today today I'm going to

show you guys how to get per prisoner in

Chris prismarine charts and minecraft

it's a very cool item it's a very cool

thing though it's a very cool thing to

have but anyways guys yes I'm going to

show you guys how to get this so

basically what you guys need first is to

find one of these things I'm pretty sure

they're called underwater strongholds I

think that's what these are you'll be

able to see these from pretty far away

you need to find a pretty deep ocean so

say you're coming up on it say you guys

are over here and you just see these

something that looks like this this is

what I believe is an underwater

stronghold but anyways if you guys see

some fish around here that's where

you're gonna get your purse marine