How To Mine Pascal Coin (Nvidia GPU)

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what's a very welcome to will you take

so I've made a few how to Minecraft the

remaining videos and a lot of people

seem to like it so I wanted to expand on

that a bit so I'm going to make videos

on how to mine all the different crypto

mining currencies so in this video I'm

going to show you guys how to mine

Pascal coin so it's pretty simple I'll

explain everything in this video you

don't really have to worry about

anything and the wallet and all of that

I'll explain as well so let's get into

the video okay but before we store I

just wanted to remind you guys that I am

doing a game giveaway for reaching 200

thousand subscribers so that's going to

be till the 5th of July so if you want

to you can just check out the link in

description for how to actually