Terraria Tutorials 'How to make and mine Obsidian'

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how's it going guys this is Happy Days

and welcome to another terraria how-to

video I was just making my way down to

the hell biome to mine some hell stone

and I realized that hell stone bars can

need 2 things to be made

so obviously hell stone ore is part of

it but the other part of making hell

stone bars is you need obsidian and like

in minecraft acid' iums made obsidian is

made by water and lava colliding

together so I was lucky just on the way

down I stumbled I found some lava and

it's also nearby some water so what I've

done of camera is make a bit of a

channel for the water to flow down and

we're going to make the water

hopefully pour into the lava so you can

see down there it's made a bit of

obsidian so I just need to fine-tune

this a bit so let's put a torch there