How to Farm Nether Wart! ▫ The Minecraft Survival Guide (Tutorial Lets Play) [Part 115]

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hello everyone my name is pick Soros and

welcome back to the Minecraft Survival

Guide I hope you guys are having a good

day today here we are day 3 of the

castle builder here at founders forge

and I still have a few changes I want to

make but we have been making some

progress a little spoiler over there oh

that the top of the wall I have done a

ton of stone mining on the recent

livestream and I've started to be able

to put together the sections of this

castle that I wasn't able to do in

yesterday's video because of running out

of stone every so often and being a

little bit down to the wire release wise

so now I've been able to build up that

tower I've taken out the Terra Cotta

over there and built it up to a slightly

taller height it's probably going to go

even taller than that but in the