Minecraft - Mining Nether Cobalt and Ardite to make Manyullyn - SevTech Ages #45

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welcome back to sip tech we're building

is limited only by your imagination

and your ability to smelt materials and

also the technologies you've unlocked

within the game and I suppose also the

blocks that are actually available in

the game so yeah pretty limited regular

Dayan's have checked where we're

actually pretty limited but this giant

Archie furnace boy and this crusher

today man I've been working these guys

and they work really great I've learned

a bunch of stuff I can actually make

sand in here that will come important a

little bit later Ben and I can turn the

sand in to turn the Scrabble into sand

it works really really well here we go

right and I'm stuck this chest here and

it means everything loads out as such

now I can't take the sand and I found a

new way to make glass which is brilliant