Mine Monero (XMR) In Your Web Browser (Any Computer) 2018!

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hi guys take James here in this video

I'm just gonna be showing you guys how

to mine the cryptocurrency could money

whoa in your web browser

so this cryptocurrency it's very easy to

line all it uses is your CPU power you

can pretty much do this on any PC and

it's actually really cool so all the

links are in the description is normal

so on this first I'm just going to show

you here so here it is money very it's a

that's what it's called X and laughs

that scarf is short and it's actually

doing pretty well it's 13 from the list

three hundred fifteen dollars a coin at

the moment and it's actually raising up

quite a bit

so this is really easy today a few guys

are interested then it's probably worth

doing as I say you don't really need