How to Mine LBRY coins in Windows with the GPU miner

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hey there guys it's Lee here for my

unblocks welcome back to another video

in today's video I'm going to be showing

you how to mine library that's lb our

wire and libraries are interesting

because it's basically what they're

working towards is building a

decentralized content sharing and

discovery network so that's the platform

whereby you can sort of them upload your

various digital content whether it be

pictures media texts video etc and then

you can share those in a decentralized

manner so you won't need to use YouTube

or web hosting or anything like that

it's all done on up here to Pia bases so

this is a coin that I think is really

quite interesting and then I'm going to

mine in a little bit of it and I thought

I'd share exactly how to do that with

you guys so if you look into the Mayan