How to mine LBC with NVIDIA GPU's | Easy! (ccminer)

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yo guys what is up Tech revolts here and

today I'm gonna be bringing you guys a

pretty short and quick tutorial on how

to mine LBC or aka library credits now

just a quick introduction library

credits are the currency that you use

for library the application the protocol

which is an open source decentralized

video sharing platform so basically you

can upload whatever you want there and

then people get paid and stuff the

library so there's a couple things

you're gonna need for this tutorial the

first thing is you're going to have to

have a library address now you can

either do that by going to library TV

and make one or you can do it how I have

it here and have the actual app

installed on your computer and you can

get access to your library adjust that

way so you just go to library TV or go