Terraria Jungle Temple aka Lihzahrd Temple Guide! (Key/No Key, How to Find/Get In, Location & Loot)

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hey there people so today I am bringing

you what I hope will be a complete guide

to the jungle temple aka the lizard

temple in Terraria what it is how to

find it how to get into the jungle

temple with no key or with one

navigating the jungle temple and

avoiding traps the enemies you'll find

there accessing the final chamber of the

temple if it's blocked off and all the

loot drops and plunder you will find so

first of all what is the jungle temple

well the jungle temple is a large

dungeon like structure made of brownish

orange bricks known as lizard bricks not

to be confused with the hives you'll

find in the underground jungle which are

a brighter more yellow orange color

unlike the dungeon it normally has a

single fairly linear path towards a

large end chamber the end chamber