Cody's Mine Episode 1: Getting Started

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all right everyone Cody here here we are

up at the cody camp there's that mine

there I was talking to my dad earlier

and apparently that was dug by Earl of

Lucia back in 1937 it was a friend of my

grandpa's yeah that's this is on a piece

of property in the back of my parents

ranch and in Canyon today they're gonna

be opening up the entrance a little bit

more so that we could hopefully camp out

inside of there tonight ultimately I

want to go through and clean this up and

make this all nice and renovated see the

ground here

how slopes up at the bottom of the mine

is actually level with the bottom of

this right here so we need to dig all of

this the way there's quite a bit of dirt

I gotta move we're not gonna move hardly

any of it today just this here I will be

actually doing some mining I want to try