Terraria Tutorials 'How to Mine Hellstone Safely'

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hey guys welcome back this is Happy Days

and this is the second half of our

mining hellstone video

so basically I've gotten back down to

the hell zone and we're now looking to

get these tasty little pockets of hell

stone they're strategically placed to be

difficult to get to on purpose

now when you mine them lava comes out

and it's not nice and as you can see it

really hurts and you can dive incredibly

easy when holy moly I'll be back in a

second okay welcome back ah so as you

can see it's kind of dangerous mining

the hell stone and the main problem is

the lava with obsidian you can make lava

what's up ah yes

with a city and you can make lava

swimming potions which actually would

probably beneficial for this so the

benefit and I made an obsidian skull