How To Mine Groestlcoin Easily

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hey welcome back to the crypto Dave

YouTube channel now today I'm going to

do a very quick video on a how to mine

grocer corner so somebody sent me a

message via YouTube couple of days ago

saying they'd heard about proust we've

kind of been making very big gains and

what was the easiest way to - so today

I'm just gonna talk you through step by

step how you can start mining grocery

line either with your CPU or with a GPU

so for those of you who never heard of

grouse will coin um and it's not one

it's one that I had heard of a bit ago

but it just sort of in passing nobody

really kind of mentioned it but um the

the interest I think really stems from

the fact that we look at a coin market

cap here you can see um it's been around

since 2014 but just in the last sort of

month or two we've seen some really big