How To Mine GRIN Cuckatoo C31 - GMiner Nvidia GPU Mining Guide For WINDOWS

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hey guys good evening it's Lee and

welcome to iron mine blocks today's fear

I'll be showing you how to mine grin

using the c31

algorithm so as you may or may not know

grin uses two proof-of-work

algorithms one is called ER c29 which is

the cook a roux and it's also mined with

c 31 which is a cooker 2 algorithm so

both those algorithms are quite similar

but the c 31 is primarily designed for

asacs at the moment there's no ethics

that are available to mine it what you

can actually do is mine it using a

high-end graphics card so in this

particular video I'm going to show you

how to monitor name video graphics card

you need a 10-7 CT higher or higher so

bear that in mind

so I'm gonna be using this minor for the

very first time I've not used this minor