How to Mine FeatherCoin with Awesome Miner & Mining Pool Hub - Ep14

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hello everyone thanks for checking out

my video I can't believe it's been all

this time and I the goose have not yet

done a video on feathercoin anyway I'm

gonna show you how to use awesome miner

and mining pull hub to mine feathercoin

let's get started the first thing you

need to do is download a copy of Awesome

miner I'll put a link down in the

description just come over here and

click on this top one here called

awesome miner installer download that

and install it the next step is to sign

up with a new account on mining pool hub

com when you sign up make sure you pick

a username that's easy to remember

because we'll type it in again later on

okay the next thing you may consider

doing is downloading a copy of the

feathercoin wallet so if you go to the