How to setup Antminer a3 + Antpool Mining Pool in 60 seconds

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welcome to 60-second crypto today we're

showing you how to set up your HAMP

minor a3 first things first create an

ant pool account head over settings

created a new sub-account name whatever

you want over here click Edit on the

right side you can type in your bid

tracks or see a coin wallet address

wherever you want to receive your sequel

and payouts from the miner then we're

gonna head over to our dashboard make

sure you switch to the correct sub

accounts if you got more than one

however to worker tab and we're going to

create a new worker you can go ahead and

in the work or whatever you want just

copy down the username followed by the

worker name or use that later next step

is to find the IP address of the miner I

put a link to the ant miner IP reporter

in the description you should show up