Ethereum - Getting started with Geth

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okay today we're going to start with a

short lesson on how to install theory

and more specifically we're going to

install gas which is the go

implementation of aetherium first thing

we're going to do is download the latest

version of gas so we're going to say

you're still search for thorium gift

you'll see a link come up for the

releases for the go aetherium

implementation scroll down a little bit

and here sure enough is our version that

we're looking for well download batch

and take very long we'll open that up

and you can see I've downloaded several

times here but what we're after is this

file called gas ETH and we want it but

we want to do is copy that into

appropriate place in our path so we can

just use it when we're ready why I'm

going to copy this into you at user u.s.