How to Direct Mine Ethereum 2019

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what is up ladies and gentlemen this

Brandon coin I'm back tonight we're not

gonna have a regularly scheduled

livestream I don't know if we're gonna

be doing much live-streaming until I'm

actually moved into the new house so

with that being said I have some videos

and some suggestions that are already

sitting in in the docket if you have any

other suggestions please just fire them

down below but one of the overwhelming

ones was how can I direct mine a theorem

I think I did this like two years ago I

made a how-to mine aetherium or or

whatever but this is gonna be an updated

guide for 2019 yeah so it's actually

what is it it's May 13 2009 teen so if

you're watching this way in the future

things may have changed but as of right

now this is how you're gonna be direct