How to Mine Ethereum 2018 - WORKING (Super-Easy)

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hey guys welcome back to another youtube

video in today's video I'm just gonna be

going over how to mine aetherium in 2018

so I do already have a video on my

channel entitled how to mine aetherium

for beginners now if you haven't watched

that video yet you might want to go

check that one out first because a lot

of the stuff I'm gonna be referencing in

this is gonna be in relation to that as

this is kind of a update video for that

and for the people that are still

watching that video I'm trying to

redirect them to this one so that they

can see the new method on how to do this

now I'm not gonna go over everything I

go over in that video is that ones 10

minutes long this is just a quick update

and a quick fix for people that are

having issues Mining aetherium and this

hopefully should fix those issues so