How To Mine Dogecoin? Step by Step on Any PC (2021)

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hi friends how are you today in 22 april 1 24 p.m 2021

the value of one dutch coin is around 0.27

so to make five dollars you need around 18 to 19 dutch coins

if you want to make 10 dollars you need around 37 dodge coins

today in this video i will share with you one of the easiest methods

to mine dutch coin on your pc and i will share with you how i did this

just yesterday i mined like around 12 hours

i will share with you how much i did so you can just do this

mine on your pc and start earning some dutch coins and some dollars

super easy while you are sleeping stay tuned and follow up

hi everyone i'm hassan from H-educate and without

wasting time let's go directly into our work and see how we can

mine dutch coin and how we can earn dutch coin

super easy on our pc but before this before this

i know some of you are somehow beginners and maybe they don't know what is dodge

coin what is a cryptocurrency what is mining so just in one minute

please one minute i want to explain the concept of cryptocurrencies

and mining in a super simple way when you want to send a payment for

someone as an example you are buying something online and you want to pay

through your credit card what happened is that the payment will

go through a third party service like a government the bank