How to mine Decred

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hey guys I'm back again in today's video

I'll be showing you how to mine d

credence e G minor B cred is a pretty

new cryptocurrency and it uses the blake

14 and hashing algorithm and already has

its POS or proof of stake phase in order

so you're gonna want to pick on a pool

I'm using supernova once you put down a

pool you're gonna need to add a worker

and supernova it's on the left-hand side

under my account it's gonna ask you for

a worker name and work the password I'm

just using be credit as the name and

password as the password go ahead and

add that and you'll see an update on the

right-hand side remember this

information because you'll need it later

so I've gone ahead and downloaded CG


go ahead and open it up and create a new

text document this is what we'll be