How Facebook Tracks Your Data | NYT

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Most people know that Facebook has information about them.

We submit things like our names, our hometowns,

our ages, our birthdays and our interests,

and we assume that Facebook is collecting that data.

But Facebook has much more data on most people

than they realize.

Facebook can take all the data that you submit

and combine it with data from other users

and outside information to construct a profile of you.

Facebook uses nearly 100 different data points

to classify your interests and activities.

This would include basic stuff like your age and gender,

but also more complicated information

like whether you own a motorcycle

or you recently went on vacation or whether you’re

a gadget geek.

Researchers have found that by using signals

such as your likes and interactions,

Facebook could tell if you were in a relationship

or going through a breakup.

Facebook doesn’t just know who you are.