The ULTIMATE GUIDE For Mining Cryptocurrency With Your PC

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hey everyone welcome back to another mining  chamber video in this video I'm going to  

show you how to effectively use your main  pc for mining whether you use your pc for  

gaming or a workstation this video will be  able to help you to generate some income  

with your pc instead of having it on idle I will  talk about all the things that you need to know  

so whether this will harm your GPU or should  you be doing this how much money you will be  

making in all this good stuff so now let's  get into the video right after the intro

the first things i'm sure that you have on your  mind is that if it's safe for your computer and  

how much money can you potentially make so let's  answer these questions first before we move on  

onto the tutorial cryptocurrency mining is safe  for your computer it will not damage it or hijack  

it with viruses so you don't need to worry about  your pc lighting on fire because before you mine i  

will show you how to undervolt your gpu meaning  that you will reduce the amount of power that  

your gpu uses which leads to less amount of heat  generated you will notice a drastic difference  

between gaming and mining when it comes to  heat i will show you how to set the right  

settings for mining so later on you can switch  between them easily when you want to stop mining  

as for all these false flags that you usually  get when downloading most of the mining softwares  

the reason that you get these annoying false flags  is due to mining software being used maliciously  

by other people so if they flagged it multiple  times then it will be blacklisted by the antivirus  

companies now what you need to do to avoid this  issue you can make a folder name it whatever you  

like and then exclude that folder from your  antivirus so in this example i have created a  

folder named miners and i put it on my desktop and  then i've excluded that from my windows defender  

now mind you that i only have windows defender  as an antivirus so if you have a different one