How To Mine Coral in Minecraft - Java Edition

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the first thing you may notice is I'm

not wearing any armor and I'm actually

breathing underwater and that's all

thanks to this nice little conduit over

here and I also have the game on

peaceful today we're going to look at

these different tools here we have these

unenchanted picks and we also have hicks

with silk touch we also have some shears

and that's because we're going to try to

break these fans with the shears well

let's go ahead and try that and we don't

get anything out of that so we're gonna

move on to the wooden pick and see if we

can get some coral out of that some live

coral and no we cannot that is dead and

then we move on to the stone pick and

also dead Gold goes a little faster

still dead diamond still dead now we're

gonna switch over to a wooden silk touch

pickaxe first thing I want to do is