Offshore Oil Rig | Civilization VI #38 (Norway)

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welcome back everybody to civilization 6

we have a trader here he wants to be

sent somewhere and we shall send him to

probably Sendai yeah we don't really

need the production down here or up here

not right now at least until they have

grown in size and such in population but

it is what it is let's choose a

production down hello you finish the

Seaport oh well I guess we are building

another battleship our model yeah

alright and that we will go to war in

this episode I believe I will find a

target probably German Germany yeah you

see they don't have a there's nothing I

can build for him this district-based

project which provides culture every

turn and a small amount of great writer

great artists and great musician points

we could do that the coaster isn't there

isn't really much else to do up here