Civilization 6 - Niter Acquired

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Oh friends cents in the lights here and

welcome back to our civilization six

let's play so in the last episode we

discovered that there is indeed a north

northern passage and our ships leave its

if okay I finally made it through my pod

games are going to bring up the rear

always care about here and in this one

can come in a very instead of them here

will take it out pretty quick and then

we're going to move all four of these

ships down here into this area in order

to savage all and you know

reinforcements that Sofia tends to

driven through this area to here I'm

getting a little bit worried because she

now has walls here in Bologna I think

these are a new a new a new addition I'm

not really sure I really can't let her

get walls here in Mira or it's going to

take even longer to take this thing down