| BORDERLANDS 3 | How To Break Eridium Piles!! | Easy Eridium & Legendary Weapon Farm |Borderlands3|

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all right everybody so Portland so he's

been out for one day so far and there's

one thing that's been bugging me

how do you break these iridium piles and

right here I'm about to show you how to

break the iridium piles and I'm gonna

show you how to do it and how much

iridium you can get her pile so I've

broken about 20 piles and the most I've

gotten was 10 I got 10 iridium in one

break before and the lowest I've gotten

is two and I've gotten all in between

there so that's what you're gonna expect

so it's a pretty good source of iridium

and I found a way to farm the Iridium a

nice farm area where the Iridium

responds back and also you can farm for

legendary loot so it's pretty good this

video will have spoilers so if you don't

want to hear any of the spoilers just