You can now mine Bitcoin on the Xbox One!?!? - 100% Working method!

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okay so if you're a crypto enthusiast

then maybe you've been sitting around

and you know staring at your your

PlayStation 4 your Xbox one and you've

been wondering I wonder if there's a way

that I combine some Bitcoin with my

gaming console if you're anything like

me I'm trying to get my hands on as as

much all coins and Bitcoin is I possibly

can I would like to have as much as I

possibly can because I feel like it's

going to go up in value this year we're

going to see all coins go up to just

skyrocket and value various different

off course we're going to see Bitcoin go

up in so much value within this year I

really believe that so I started

thinking I wonder if this website that I

have done a video about for mining with

your smartphone would work on say like