Time to Start Mining on Gaming Consoles?

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did y'all want a video or not I know I'm

on the road I know that I'm literally by

a road that's really loud I'm sorry guys

you're just gonna have to deal with it

but let's get into the main subject of

this video which is something that

everybody has been rated not only are we

stealing the graphics cards away from

gamers but now it's time to look into

whether or not we can steal the consoles

away from gamers because just look at

your gaming console just sitting there

it's being stupid it's not paying for

itself your PC ASIC monitor and cloud

contracts are all working hard to gather

you some coin the consoles are just

sitting there letting you play silly

games every now and then why are they

getting a free pass a lot of people

shouting at me consoles are still

computers much like any other and as