Updated 2018 How to mine Bitcoin with GPU Video Card Windows 10

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today I'm gonna show you how to mine for

bitcoins using the video card in your

computer this is using a kind of

non-traditional method compared to a few

years ago but it's definitely the most

profitable way to mined for bitcoins

especially if you don't have like an

ASIC miner or something like that

essentially what it does is it uses a

whole bunch of different algorithms and

whichever one is the most profitable

it has your GPU mine that and then it

pays you out in bitcoins so you're not

actually mining using the sha-256

algorithm for bitcoins you're mining for

a whole bunch of of alternative

currencies like cryptocurrencies and

then getting paid in Bitcoin so it's a

cool way to do it and it's much more

profitable than to mine Bitcoin itself

so essentially if you were trying to