How to solo CPU mine Bitcoin & Bitcoin derived cryptocurrencies (Works on OS X and Windows)

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today I will detail the process of solo

mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin direct

cryptocurrencies using your CPU now in

order to do this you're going to need

two pieces of software the first is the

core client of the coin of your choice

I'll just be using Bitcoin the second is

cooler CPU minor it's a command line

based miner that works the same with OS

X and Windows it's also among the most

efficient out there I'll give you a link

for in the description and it also as a

quick heads up if you have an anti-virus

installed and running there's a very

good chance it's going to think CPU

miner is a virus and that's because a

lot of Trojan viruses nowadays actually

use the host computer as a miner and

when you do downloaded the executable is

going to be called my nerdy on OS X or

mine or de acción Windows and