VPS Mining Guide - How To Mine Crypto Coins On Cloud Servers

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hi there I'm Lee and welcome to iron

mine blocks this video I'll be showing

you how to CPU mine your favorite crypto

coins using a cloud server or VPS so the

platform that I'm going to be using is

called digital ocean and you can create

a VPS with them very quickly and easily

if you haven't used them before I'll put

a link in the video description and they

will get I think it's 50 $50 credit to

get started with that cloud service

provider so let's jump into it and like

say we're going to be CPU mining using a

VPS I'll be showing you the

demonstration Winans varium clam but you

can use the same process to mine manera

or your other favor CPU mine of all

Crippler coins so let's jump into it so

on a Windows desktop I'll open up our

web browser some issues in Firefox but

you can use Chrome or whichever your