How to Mine BitCoin with CPU/GPU (Still Profitable 2016/2017)

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hello uh this is a tutorial on how to

mine bitcoins with a graphics card or a

CPU that will still be arm kind of

profitable um especially if you have

free electricity but it's good if you

just want to try it out um you know

start off Bitcoin mining don't have a

big investment just kind of want to use

your computer maybe get a couple dollars

worth of bitcoins uh nothing too crazy

uh so let's start off um I will uh there

will be a link in description for uh the

website with my referral code that you

should probably use it would be awesome

um and basically this is the site it's

called miner gate and there's also

plugin that I'll talk about a little bit

later but as you can see I'm hashing arm

a couple of I'm has two different coins

with narrow and bite coin and uh it

tells you the how I might like around