Mine Bitcoin on your PHONE! ($10 day ✔️) Works overnight iOS & Android BTC Miner Mobile!

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yo guys what's going on ryan here today

i'm going to show you how i've made

up to 10 per day bitcoin mining

with your phone this is going to be

available for iphones and androids

and what we're going to basically do is

install this little bitcoin miner app

i'm going to show you

um closer in detail but as you guys can

see might have been blurry

um but i've already earned um 0.1 of a

bitcoin now

um 10 of a bitcoin might some of you

might be like well that's barely


but at the current exchange rate of um

january 2021 that's worth three thousand

eight hundred and two dollars and i've

done this over the course of the year

just mining it with

my phone using an app that i'm going to